Beauty in the Midst of Crisis

Last night I was talking with two friends, we started discussing whether the present crisis would hurt or revitalize ‘faith’ and ‘religion.’ As I agreed with the latter, I started thinking about how and why Christianity flourishes in times of hardship. Despite all the tragedy, the Coronavirus has caused many of us to reattach to our humanity again–such a beautiful thing to see. Real crisis has a way of restoring a sense of community and banding us together again as one humanity working together. All of a sudden political bickering seems irrelevant when people are dying or losing their jobs and wondering how they are going to feed their families, and all the things that divide us feel artificial in the face of real problems. Race, gender and ideology becomes unimportant when we are in survival mode, and we are humbly reminded that we are one people. In the midst of hardship religious epigrams we hear so often in our culture such as loving your neighbor as yourself goes from being a nice sounding abstract statement to something that becomes real, meaningful and even essential in a time like this. We also learn one of the weird ironies of life: selflessness brings a certain fulfillment to the soul that selfishness cannot–contrary to how we are molded to behave in a capitalistic and individualistic society. We are reminded that it feels good to help someone out even though it may feel counter-intuitive. Although our culture can foster selfishness and cause us to be detached from reality, times like this penetrate the little bubbles we live in. I think crisis allows many of us to realize that maybe we should not write off religion as some old irrelevant fairy tales (the result of the Enlightenment era). Instead, the wisdom embedded in religion is shown to be indispensable and timeless. Ultimately because true wisdom comes from God.

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